Executive Meeting Minutes : 21 August 2017

 Minutes of Executive Meeting

Monday 21 August 2017

Presentation – Dundee City Council – Data Protection:

                   A presentation was given about Data Protection from the Safety and Accommodation Officer from Dundee City Council – how it affects volunteers and staff. It was emphasised that information received from Dundee City Council is confidential/sensitive until it is in the Public Domain/Public Knowledge and personal details should never be passed on. Information leaflets were handed out to the Committee. Computer based training was suggested by a Committee Member instead of reading leaflets. Questions were taken from the Committee.

Minutes of Last Meeting & Matters Arising:          

Minutes of 17 July 2017 were approved by Dorothy and Margaret

Matters Arising:

There were no matters arising 

Sub-Groups – Brief Updates: 

  • Development Plan
    • The Development Plan had been updated and is on target 
  • 30th Anniversary/Galas –
    • Civic Reception – Date of the Civic Reception has now been changed. Flyers and posters have been printed. Committee were given the draft Invitation List for discussion and amendments were made. Draft Invitation was approved. Archived and new material will be shown at the Civic Reception. Three speakers will give talks.
    • Galas – DFTA had a stall at Celebration in the Park in August and future events were confirmed. Additional funding requested for promotional materials – approved.
  • Housing Revenue Account
    • First meeting was held on 11 August 2017. Sub-Group – Four from DFTA (lead) and two will be from the Focus Group, it was suggested it could be opened up to Registered Tenant Organisations.

The Committee stated that it was Dundee City Council’s duty to empower and enable tenants to play an active role and they would need to upskill tenants.

  • Dundee City Council’s proposals:
    • A work-plan would be put in place
    • Full transparency of the HRA account
    • Value for money
    • If a component was found that needed scrutiny then the Tenant Led Inspectors Toolkit, which was provided by The Scottish Housing Network, would be the model that would be used.
  • Next meeting14 September 2017 


Next meeting will be held on 25 August 2017. It was noted that Tenant Led Inspectors had not been invited to the meeting.

 Tenants Information Service Conference – Rent Setting – Training Course 12 October:

 Names were taken of interested committee members who would like to attend the Training Course on 12 October – Dorothy, Nan and Heather.  An email will be sent to Committee Members who were absent from the Meeting

 DFTA Meetings:

  • Tenant Participation Strategy Meeting – 27 July 2017 – The Tenant Participation Action Plan was discussed at the meeting. Future Meetings will be quarterly
  • Business Plan Meeting – 31 July 2017 – Draft Business Plan is a work in progress.

The Development Director giving interim support to DFTA stated that two key areas needed discussion –

  1. Budget :
  • Budget – A formatted spreadsheet was handed out to the Committee as an example.  Treasurer will amend example to suit DFTA
  1. Model/approach around the Development Worker.
  • Development Worker – DFTA Executive Committee stated that they require/need a dedicated Federation Worker – they were also concerned that there had been no start of recruiting. Chair will be contacting Dundee City Council to discuss DFTA’s concerns
  • Housing Department Management Team Meeting – 15 August 2017 


  • Dundee City Council – Programme of Business
  • Dundee City Council – Housing & Communications Restructure Information
  • DVA – Funding Update
  • Communications – Universal Credit Awareness
  • DVA – Technology Care & Healthcare
  • DHP & The Social Security Bill 


Finance was approved

Any Other Competent Business: 

  • Agenda Items for the Convenors Meeting – Bins – Committee Members to call office with Agenda Items prior to meeting













































































































































































































































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    TIS Conference – The attendees at the TIS conference gave verbal feedback and a written report to the Executive Committee. They all agreed it had been a very informative conference although it had proved very difficult to book the external study visits after registration. One of the attendees who had taken a study visit offered to present a slide show to the Committee on 3 August before the Executive Meeting.