Executive Meeting Minutes : 11 December 2017

 Minutes of Executive Meeting

11 December 2017

Minutes of Last Meeting & Matters Arising:           

Minutes of 13 November 2017 were approved by Gary and Yvonne

Matters Arising:

 Page 2 – Sub-GroupsStrategic Development Plan

The Committee requested that the Interim Worker is contacted to ascertain if the Equality Impact Assessment had been carried out yet by Dundee City Council.

Page 3 – Development Worker – Recruitment

The Committee requested an update on the Recruitment status

  Page 4 – Any Other Competent Business

It was stated that the Grit Bins had still not been returned to an area in St Marys where there were a number of disabled residents, despite numerous phone calls. The Committee member stated that they would call again, give an ultimatum and if no satisfactory outcome, go to the press.

 Rent Consultation – Options – DFTA’s Recommendation 

The Committee agreed that following discussions with members at the General Meeting and feedback from a number of local Registered Tenant Organisation meetings, DFTA would make no recommendations on the proposed rent increase levels for 2018/19.

  • The Consultation Card wasn’t clear on the different options and did not give enough information. It is also not clear where the card should be submitted when it is completed.
  • There was no ‘no increase’ option
  • There was a lack of choice – narrow parameters of the options available
  • No evidence with regards to affordability
  • Tenants should be given information on the implications if there was no increase in rent
  • Priorities – tenants were not asked what their priorities were
  • It was also stated that DFTA should be consulted in the future about the Consultation information in advance.

A draft statement will be compiled by a Committee Member and distributed to the Committee for any amendments/insertions and then submitted to Dundee City Council from DFTA.

Blackness Road Demolition

Notes of the Meeting were distributed to the Committee. It was confirmed by the Committee who attended the Housing Revenue Account meeting that compensation money would not come from the HRA Account.

It was agreed that Committee members would ask relevant questions at the next Housing Department Management Team Meeting.

Consultation was questioned:

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 stipulates at section 54 that local authority landlords must notify every Registered Tenants Organisation of proposals which are likely to have a significant effect on tenants.


It was agreed that Dundee City Council’s Consultation with DFTA would be put on the Agenda for January’s Executive Meeting


                Housing Revenue Account – Minutes

  • Best Value – Minutes
  • Dundee City Council – Programme of Business
  • Keystone Programme – Delayed until August 2018
  • HDMT – Minutes
  • Health & Social Care – Eating well for older people
  • Carers in Dundee – Summary
  • TIS – Newsbite


 Finance was approved.

 Any Other Competent Business:

  • Convenors Meeting – 13 December – This meeting had been cancelled by the Convenor and an alternative date offered in January. The Committee agreed that this was not acceptable as the meeting dates are logged and confirmed a year in advance. This was the second meeting the Convenor had cancelled, DFTA agreed to submit a complaint if there is a repeat
  • December Newsletter – A note of thanks was given to the Committee Member who compiled and designed the Newsletter. It was stated that it could be the base format going forward using an Image Consultant.
  • Information on Fuel Poverty was distributed to the Committee.










































































































































































































































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    TIS Conference – The attendees at the TIS conference gave verbal feedback and a written report to the Executive Committee. They all agreed it had been a very informative conference although it had proved very difficult to book the external study visits after registration. One of the attendees who had taken a study visit offered to present a slide show to the Committee on 3 August before the Executive Meeting.