Executive Meeting Minutes : 19 March 2018

 Minutes of Executive Meeting

19 March 2018

Jim was welcomed back as Chair and thanks were given to Rita who took over as Acting Chair during the Chair’s absence.

Minutes of Last Meeting & Matters Arising:          

Minutes of 19 February 2018 approved by Margaret and Gary

 Matters Arising: 

Page 2 Item – Grit Bins

A Committee Member put in a formal complaint to Dundee City Council in December as the Grit Bins had been taken away and not returned, the formal complaint procedure was not adhered to.  A further complaint was made and a phone call was received stating that the bins were not returned as it was not on their map! The bins were returned after the phone call.

It was agreed that the Committee Member would update the Executive Committee at the next meeting.

Sub-Group – Brief Update – Housing Revenue Account (HRA):

The sub-group are working through a programme of how to work with the end goal of a process that Tenants can access the Housing Revenue Account and ask questions. The written Methodology is almost complete.

How the information is communicated to tenants and enable them to ask questions about the HRA will be supported. A draft proposal was submitted where tenants will be at meetings throughout the year and can obtain information about the HRA.  One of the difficulties is terminology, getting plain English that is easy to understand.

The DFTA ‘Update’ sheet with information about the HRA will be distributed at the next General Meeting.

Next Meeting 10 April at Number 10 to which all the Executive Committee are invited to attend

 DFTA Meetings:

28 February 2018 – Housing Department Management Team Meeting:

DFTA Draft Strategic Development Plan – it was stated that John Wolstencroft and John Hosie wish to give comments on the Plan and a meeting will be arranged to discuss it.

Development Worker recruitment – Post has been advertised internally until 23 March.

Blackness Road – Proposed Demolition – was discussed and it was confirmed by Dundee City Council that all tenants had been consulted.

It was stated by DFTA that according to The Housing Scotland Act 2001, DFTA should have been consulted in the absence of no Registered Tenant Organisation in the Blackness area.  The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 Section 54 stipulates that local authority landlords must notify every Registered Tenants Organisation of proposals which are likely to have a significant effect on tenants.


Dundee City Council confirmed that they had checked with Legal Services and carried out all the procedures legally required.

Going forward, DFTA asked under what circumstances Dundee City Council would consult with DFTA – David Simpson to prepare a paper for discussion.

It was agreed by the Committee that DFTA should approach The Scottish Housing Regulator for clarification of the law re Consultation. A Committee Member offered to compile a letter.

 Consultation – Proposed Social Housing Automatic Fire Suppression System Scotland Bill:

The Committee had studied the document previously and the questionnaire was completed. The completed Questionnaire will be submitted


  • TIS – Annual Conference Details – Send to all attendees
  • Dundee Partnership – E-bulletin
  • Dundee Decides – 29 March Steeple Church
  • TIS – Event Staying ahead of the game
    • TPAS – Event – Scrutiny/Procurement – 25 April Apex Hotel – Dorothy and Margaret to attend
    • Executive Director of Neighbourhood Services – Reply to our letter re Development  Worker recruitment
  • Dundee Money Action – Free money advice service
  • Scottish Housing Regulator – Landlord Report
  • TPAS – Membership Benefits
  • Volunteer Team of the Year – Application Form
  • Easy on Bus – Broughty Ferry 


Finance was approved.  

Any Other Competent Business:


  • 2 Meetings were arranged to discuss DFTA Draft Strategic Development Plan (9 April) and Tenant Participation (28 March)


  • It was requested that the Landlords Report is circulated to all Executive Members


  • It was requested that the Agenda for the TIS Conference is sent to all proposed attendees


  • Tayforth Regional Networks – The DFTA representative is stepping down from the post. AGM is in May. Thanks were given to the DFTA representative for all their work while sitting on Tayforth Regional Network.  To be added to the Agenda for the next Executive Meeting.
  • General Meeting – Topics were discussed. It was agreed that there wasn’t enough time for 3 items on the Agenda.

Two options were suggested:

  1. Attendees asked what their priorities are for their rent money. Comparisons with actual spend will then be discussed. Executive Committee to assist tenants.
  1. DFTA’s ‘Update’ sheet (Housing Revenue Account) to be distributed at the Meeting, explanation given to the attendees, feedback requested then submitted to Dundee City Council.
  • Option 1 was agreed by the Committee

Cabaret style seating requested.

A separate General Meeting was suggested to discuss the Housing Revenue Account, perhaps during the day.

It was also requested that the new Spring Newsletter is sent out with the invitations to the General Meeting

  • It was requested that the Equality and Diversity Co-ordinator is contacted as they did not attend the meeting as arranged.
  • It was reported that a wheel chair adapted property in St Marys area had been sitting empty for 6 months. Staff will ask for information and update the Committee.








































































































































































































































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    TIS Conference – The attendees at the TIS conference gave verbal feedback and a written report to the Executive Committee. They all agreed it had been a very informative conference although it had proved very difficult to book the external study visits after registration. One of the attendees who had taken a study visit offered to present a slide show to the Committee on 3 August before the Executive Meeting.