Executive Meeting Minutes : 16 October 2017

 Minutes of Executive Meeting

16 October 2017

Minutes of Last Meeting & Matters Arising:             

Minutes of 18 September 2017 were approved by Yvonne and Gary

Matters Arising:

 There were no matters arising

Sub-Groups – Brief Updates:

 Business Plan

    • There were concerns about the Draft Business Plan being too large, unreadable and full of repetition.

Copies of the Draft Business Plan, revised by a Committee Member were handed out to the Executive Committee. The Committee Member stated that the revised Business Plan was now shorter, concise and more language friendly. The Operational Plan remained unchanged as it had been previously agreed by the Committee. It was reported that the Draft would need further work – appendixes to prepare/add and proofing to complete before the Business Plan starts on April 2018.

The Committee were requested to read the revised Draft Business Plan and return with their comments.

It was suggested by another Committee Member that perhaps there could be a large version and a small version or perhaps a summary.

  • Housing Revenue Account
    • The next Housing Revenue Account meeting will be held on Tuesday 17 October. 


The latest Scrutiny Action Tracker was distributed to the Committee.

It was noted on the Action Tracker that the new Tenants Pack was under review and it was suggested that DFTA should have been involved and have an input.

Amenity Housing Impacts was discussed and it was confirmed that it was based on demand and re-assessing.

The Sub-group will meet on 18 October to finalise the Annual Report and the next full Meeting is on 7 November 2017. 

Development Worker – Job Description:

The draft DFTA Business Plan had been requested by Neighbourhood Services Management prior to a Meeting to finalise the Job Description and the Committee expressed their concern why the draft Business Plan had been requested as it was still in Draft form and thought it might delay the recruitment of a Development Worker. However, the Chair explained that he had been assured by Neighbourhood Services Management that the Draft Business Plan wasn’t a requirement to the Job Description being finalised.

It was agreed by the Committee that the Development Plan would be submitted at the meeting not the Business Plan as it was still in the Draft stage.

The Committee agreed the suggested date of 2 November at 2pm to discuss and finalise the Job Description and start the recruitment procedure for the Development Worker.

DFTA Meetings 

  • Focus Group – 28 September 2017 – Updates were given on the Capital Programme 2017/18 including Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing and Environmental Improvements.

The Committee expressed an interest in viewing the SID (Stock Information Database) system – staff to organise a suitable date. 

  • Convenors Meeting – 6 October 2017 – Copies of the Notes of the Meeting were handed out to the Executive Committee. 

There were some disagreements with accuracy of the Notes of the Meeting. Members of the Committee that had attended the Convenors Meeting were requested to email their comments to the DFTA by 27 October 2017.  The Committee agreed feedback would be reported back to the note-taker of the Convenor’s Meeting from DFTA. 


  • DVA Annual Report
  • Funding Update
  • Dial Op – Survey
  • Edinburgh Federation- Newsletter
  • Dundee City Council – Community Walkabouts
  • Xplore Bus Company – Bus Travel Information
  • Focus Group email – Answers to queries at Focus Group
  • HRA – Agenda for Meeting 


Finance was approved.  The Committee approved a nominal sum of £10/month towards the Chair’s DFTA telephone expenses.

Any Other Competent Business: 

  • Newsletter – The next DFTA Newsletter is aimed for publication in December and the committee were requested for any inserts
  • Code of Conduct – A Committee Member would like the DFTA Code of Conduct reviewed.
  • Estate Walkabout Review – A request was made for DFTA’s input towards ensuring Walkabouts are more collective and integrated to Local Community Planning. The Committee requested hard copies so they could study the information. Comments were requested by Friday 27 October
  • Barnhill Registered Tenant Organisation – It was reported that a chair is still to be elected. The Executive Committee advised that the Group needed structure – elect a Committee/Office Bearers. Ideally hold Committee Meetings and a Public Meeting. The Communities Officer was currently giving assistance to the Registered Tenant Organisation
  • Representatives from the Executive Committee attended the Community Regeneration Section Meeting on 28 September 2017 – Items covered included implications of the new Community Empowerment Act, Housing including their support of Registered Tenant Organisations and Scrutiny and Grants to Registered Tenant Organisations. It was reported that the Regeneration Workers were keen to be involved with DFTA on a regular basis and one of the DFTA representatives at the meeting suggested that some kind of regular feedback system needed to be set up to share information re Registered Tenant Organisations. Training needs were discussed for the Community Regeneration Workers and the DFTA representatives suggested that DFTA would be keen to provide input to their training eg Tenant Participation.










































































































































































































































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    TIS Conference – The attendees at the TIS conference gave verbal feedback and a written report to the Executive Committee. They all agreed it had been a very informative conference although it had proved very difficult to book the external study visits after registration. One of the attendees who had taken a study visit offered to present a slide show to the Committee on 3 August before the Executive Meeting.