Executive Meeting Minutes : 18 June 2018

 Minutes of Executive Meeting

18 June 2018

Minutes of Last Meeting & Matters Arising:            

Minutes of 21 May 2018 approved by Rita and Gary

 Matters Arising:

 Page 3 Item – Annual General Meeting – Nominations

 As there were 2 nominations for Chair a secret vote was taken and resulted in an equal vote – casting votes will be taken from Committee Members not present at the Meeting.

Casting Votes were taken from absent members at the last Executive Meeting resulting in Jim Cochrane receiving the majority vote. The nominations for Office Bearers will be submitted for approval at the Annual General Meeting.

  Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Meeting –Brief Update

The group were generally happy with the latest version of the methodology and it will be signed off at the next meeting.

DFTA still need to review the Glossary. It was agreed to have a summary document during the rent consultation process with DFTA’s input.

There was a brief update on the Event to be held on 21 July in the Steeple Church.

DFTA will give out information about the Event at the AGM.

 Scrutiny – Brief Update

Brian Shaw from the Homeless Service at Dundee City Council attended the meeting to discuss the Homeless Guidance. He gave a questions and answers session.

The Panel quoted that The Scottish Housing Regulator stated that Dundee City Council needed to make some improvement on the Homeless Service. Brian said there was a Committee Report in response and would pass it on.

The Scrutiny Panel will now decide how to take it forward.

DFTA Meetings:

11 June 2018 – Meeting with John Hosie

There were discussions around the Registered Tenant Organisations accounts – It is now a requirement to get an external body to check the accounts. DVA can give assistance for a small charge (probably less than £50). Add to Agenda for Convenors Meeting.

Development Worker – Over 3 weeks since interviews, someone now identified but no start date yet.  Add to Agenda for Convenors Meeting together with Job Description details.

Residents & Tenants Organisations – Governance Summary – The Committee agreed that this should be discussed at a separate meeting.

Neighbourhood Services Tenants Survey – The Committee agreed that DFTA would formally endorse the results of the Survey as requested. Dorothy and Sheila volunteered to compile a response to Dundee City Council on behalf of DFTA.       

 Annual General Meeting

 Committee Members were reminded to hand in their nomination forms.

DFTA Strategic Development Plan

At the last Executive Meeting it was agreed by the Committee that a meeting would be arranged to discuss the Plan when the new DFTA Development Worker joins DFTA.

John Wolstencroft has requested that the Committee reconsider this decision.

The Committee had submitted the Strategic Development Plan and it was returned with numerous comments/amendments by John Wolstencroft. The Committee agreed that as DFTA had been without a Development Worker since November 2016 it had been very challenging.  It was also stated that the Committee needed support to complete the Plan. Add to Agenda for Convenors meeting.


  • Scottish Regulator – Acknowledged receipt of our letter re Consultation
  • TPAS – National Good Practice Awards 2018
  • Volunteers Week – Thank you to DFTA Volunteers
  • Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing – Free Consultation Events – 17 July – Dorothy
  • Xplore – Invitation to Clean Air Day 21 June
  • Dundee City Council – Programme of Business
  • Dundee City Council – Neighbourhood Services Committee Agenda
  • G Birrell email – Response to request for Minutes of HDMT
  • J Hosie email – – Engage Dundee
  • Edinburgh Tenants Federation- Newsletter
  • TPAS – Annual Conference – 3 Committee Members expressed Interest – Dorothy, Sheila, Margaret


 Finance was approved

 Any Other Competent Business:

  • Withdrawal of Concierge Services in Multis – Add to Convenors Agenda
  • TIS Conference – Add to Agenda Item next Executive Meeting



































































































































































































































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    TIS Conference – The attendees at the TIS conference gave verbal feedback and a written report to the Executive Committee. They all agreed it had been a very informative conference although it had proved very difficult to book the external study visits after registration. One of the attendees who had taken a study visit offered to present a slide show to the Committee on 3 August before the Executive Meeting.