Number Ten, 10 Constitution Road, Dundee, DD1 1LL




Tuesday 27 June 2017



  1. NAME

The name of the organisation shall be Dundee Federation of Tenants Associations and Independent Council Tenants, hereafter referred to as ‘the Federation’

  1. AIMS

The aims of the Federation are:

  1. To represent and promote Council tenants rights and the maintenance and improvement of their housing conditions, amenities and environment
  1. To assist and co-ordinate the efforts of member organisations to help achieve common aims
  1. To co-operate with other organisations on matters of common concern
  1. To liaise and participate with Dundee City Council to influence policy in pursuit of council tenants/residents interests           
  1. To liaise and participate with other authorities in pursuit of tenants’/residents’ interests
  1. To encourage community participation, spirit and enterprise in all areas relating to members’ interests
  1. To uphold equal opportunities, encourage and work for good relations among all members of the community, specifically prohibiting any conduct which discriminates or harasses on the grounds of age, disability (including mental illness) HIV status, race, religion or belief, political beliefs, gender reassignment, sex or sexual orientation 
  1. To publish and exchange information in furtherance of these aims 
  1. Membership is open to all Tenants Organisations that comply with the criteria for being Registered Tenants Organisations (RTOs) registered with Dundee City. Council as the relevant landlord and to all Council tenants, or members of their household, over 16 years of ageThe Executive Committee shall accept all applications for membership satisfying the

following criteria :-

  • The organisation or tenant supports the Aims stated in the Federation’s constitution
  1. Individual Members will be encouraged at all times to become involved in the local Group in membership of the DFTA
  1. At the Annual General Meeting, an Executive Committee and Office Bearers of Council tenants shall be elected to manage the business of the Federation. Office Bearers will be Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and other Office Bearers as the AGM may agree. The Executive Committee shall give the Office Bearers, every assistance requested, to ensure the efficient functioning of the Federation. 
  1. The election will be chaired by an independent chairperson who will not have a vote.
  1. c. Nominations for the committee must be submitted at least 2 working days before the AGM on the forms produced by the DFTA. These forms will allow nominations for the Executive Committee and Office Bearers as prescribed in the Constitution.
  1. The Executive Committee, hereafter referred to as the Committee, shall consist of

up to 26 members, elected by and from the members of the Federation. At subsequent Annual General Meetings, all members shall retire from office but will be eligible for re- election

  1. Individual council tenant members may hold 4 of the 26 places on the committee. Individual members can only be eligible when there is no RTO in their area of residence. If an RTO is formed, the individual member from that area will step down.

At subsequent Annual General Meetings all members shall retire from office but will be eligible for re-election.


  1. The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancies from the membership of the Federation. All co-opted members of the Committee must be Council tenants and shall hold office only until the Annual General Meeting following their co-option. Co-optees have full voting rights. 
  1. No more than two of the committee shall come from the same member organisation
  2. Six members of the Committee will form a quorum at Executive Committee meetings.
  1. The Committee shall be empowered to suspend or expel any member or member   organisation whose representative(s) contravenes any article of the Federation’s   constitution or brings the Federation into disrepute.  Such action can be appealed     within 14 days in writing to the secretary.  A Special General Meeting of the   Federation, called within one calendar month from receipt of the appeal, shall hear the appeal and its decision shall be final
  1. If any member of the Executive Committee fails to attend three consecutive meetings without tendering their apologies, they shall be deemed to have resigned and the committee shall seek a replacement                       
  1. At least four General Meetings, including the Annual General Meeting, shall be held  each year.
  1. The quorum of all Annual General Meetings, Special General Meetings and Ordinary General Meetings shall be no less than 20 members including representatives of one third of member organisations.
  1. There shall be no restrictions on the number of Council and non – Council attendees from Registered Tenants Organisations in membership of the Federation.
  1. Voting Criteria:

In the event of a vote taking place, only Council tenants are entitled to a vote. The Chair of the meeting shall be given prior notification of the names of Council tenants prior to any vote. Where a vote is tied, the Chairperson can exercise a casting vote.

e          These voting criteria shall also apply to Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings.

  1. Special General Meetings can be called either by the Executive Committee, or at request of five member organisations, submitting such a request in writing to  the Secretary.  On receipt of a request, a Special General Meeting must be called  within one calendar month.


  1. Notice of a Special General Meeting must be issued at least seven days before the meeting date, indicating the subject matter.  No business can be conducted at a special general meeting unless indicated in this notice. 
  1. Special Sub- Committees, other than the Executive Committee, can be elected at the General Meetings or by the Executive Committee in pursuit of the efficient functioning of the Federation. The terms of reference of such committees must be clearly stated in the minutes of the meeting establishing them. The Secretary and Chairperson shall be entitled to attend and vote at such Sub – Committee meetings’.

i           These Sub – Committees will report directly to the Federation’s Executive Committee and where appropriate to the General Meeting if required.

  1. The Executive Committee, or where appropriate the General Meeting, can also decide to disband any Sub – Committees formed.                  
  1. This provision does not apply to the Executive Committee. 
  1.         No later than 14 months from the date of the last one, an Annual General Meeting  shall be held on a date decided by the Committee.
  1. Notice of the AGM must be issued to member organisations at least one calendar  month before the meeting date.
  2. The purpose of the AGM shall be:
  •   to receive a report from the Executive Committee of the Federations affairs and   activities over the preceding year
  • to receive the inspected accounts of the Federation for the preceding financial year from the membership approved firm of accredited Accountant’s
  • to approve and appoint a firm of accredited Accountant’s for the ensuing year.
  • to debate and vote on proposed amendments to the Constitution
  • to debate and vote on any competent motions put to the meeting by the Committee or member organisations
  • to receive the resignations of all Executive Committee members and to elect a new Executive Committee and Office Bearers. 
  1. d. Amendments to the Constitution must be in writing and received by the Secretary not less than 14 days before the date of the AGM.  Member organisations must be issued with a copy of the proposed amendments at least seven days before the meeting.

Amendments to the Constitution are decided by a two thirds majority of individual and Group members present and entitled to vote.

  1. Other motions for consideration at the AGM must be received by the Secretary in writing at least 14 days before the meeting date. Member organisations must be issued    with a copy of the proposed amendments at least seven days before the meeting date.  Amendments to these motions can be taken at the meeting.                          .
  2. Minutes of the AGM and a list of those present shall be taken. 
  1. All monies raised by or on behalf of the Federation, or granted to the Federation,    shall be applied to further the aims of the Federation and for no other purpose.
  1. The Federation must operate its financial affairs through a bank account.   Cheques must be signed by two of the following four Office Bearers – Treasurer,                  Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary.
  2. The Treasurer must
      • Keep accounts of all Federation income and expenditure
      • Make available to the Executive Committee an up-to-date balance at least monthly
      • On request at a General Meeting, make available to the next General Meeting a financial report summarising accumulated income and expenditure and the balance from the latest bank statement
  •  Submit the accounts for inspection to the approved accredited Accountant as required by the Federation
  1. The Treasurer is authorised to pay, in accord with Federation guidelines, travel and other legitimate expenses of Federation members and Groups members participating in Federation business. Each recipient of such expenses must sign for each payment made

If instructed by the Executive Committee, the Treasurer must submit to it a list of   recipients of such expenses, showing amounts received during the financial year

  1. The Executive Committee is authorised to spend monies belonging to the Federation in pursuit of its aims
  1. The Executive Committee is authorised to ask the approved accredited Accountant to examine the financial affairs of the Federation at any time.

             The title to all heritable property which may be acquired by the Federation shall thereafter  stand in the name of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary of the Federation   and their successors in these respective offices.


            The Executive Committee shall have power to appoint and dismiss such employees of the  Federation as it may from time to time determine.  No member of the Executive committee  shall be appointed to any salaried office of the Federation.  Former employees of the Federation may not be appointed to the Executive Committee for a period of one year following completion of their salaried service

The Executive Committee will be responsible for ensuring acceptable Terms and Conditions of service which shall be consistent with the provisions of the constitution.

  1. The Executive Committee, or, with its agreement, members of the Executive Committee, are authorised to represent the Federation in all aspects of the pursuit of its aims
  1. No person, out with the Executive Committee, shall speak or correspond on  Federation business without the authority of the Executive Committee or a general  meeting 

This constitution may only be altered by an amendment proposed at an Annual General Meeting, according to article 6d on page 4

  1. The Federation may only be dissolved at a special general meeting called for that  purpose
  1. Dissolution requires a two thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote at   such a meeting
  1. Notice of a special general meeting to dissolve the Federation must be issued to all  member organisations at least one calendar month before the date of the meeting,   with the purpose of the meeting clearly indicated.  The meeting must also be   advertised in a public newspaper having a wide circulation in Dundee City, at least  fourteen days before the date of the meeting
  1. In the event of dissolution, the remaining assets after liabilities are met shall be disbursed to non-profit making organisations which represent the interests of Dundee City Council Tenants. In the absence of such an organisation they shall be granted to Dundee City Council Housing Department for the benefit of council tenants
  1. The last appointed office bearers shall in consultation with representatives of the City Council, decide what happens to the documents of the Federation, having regard to their value to the Tenants’ movement

This Constitution was adopted as the Constitution of the Dundee Federation of Tenants Associations & Independent Council Tenants at an Annual General Meeting, duly convened at the Central Baptist Church on Tuesday 27 June 2017