Background Information on Dundee Federation of Tenants Associations

The Federation is an umbrella organisation and has existed since the mid-1980s when Frances Nelson (Founding Member) contacted groups throughout Dundee to meet with her group from Beechwood to unite and form a Federation of tenants to work jointly to improve their housing, amenities and environments. At that time the Federation had no base but met in community lounges in Dryburgh, Ardler, Whitfield, Mid-Craigie, a Community Association flat in Beechwood and in the local Beechwood pub.

The Federation’s first office was in Foundry Lane around 1989 then it moved to Dock Street. From Dock Street it moved to its existing address at 10 Constitution Road.

Frances was the chairperson for many years until her death 2009 and Rena Smith until her death in 2016 and now Jim Cochrane our current chairperson who took over the role.

The Federation consists of tenant representatives from Registered Tenants Organisations (RTOs) throughout Dundee and has four reserved places for individual tenants from areas with no RTOs.

Through the years many of the committee changed, with some leaving and others coming on board.

Over the years, the Federation has worked on many issues important to council tenants including giving evidence to the Scottish Affairs Committee in relation to Anti-Social Behaviour, organising legal advice through SHELTER for tenants suffering through dampness, condensation and disrepair, giving tenants views in the development of the first Repairs Partnership Agreement.  The list could probably go on forever.

Historically, Dundee City Council Housing Department has supported tenant participation long before there was any legislative requirement to do so.

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